Durango: Wild Lands - IOS Game Exclusive 2018

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Durango: Wild Lands is one of the Korean games that is getting more popular.  In this game is all about the survival of every players, as you can see that the world become a cataclysm. In this world where creatures like dinosaurs or even the mammoth age. 

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When you start the game you will see the isometric point of view. When creating a character that you like you will choose male or female, appearance  and the best part would be the skills and abilities. This one good game that will focus on surviving and around the game you will encounter  danger area and most of all you will deal with enemies. There are many player would like to play this game and the game will growing like a star. The primary goal in this game  is to survive, gather resources, planting , creating modified item and most of all building barracks for shelter. 

In the game you can also play PvP, this one is great part where every player would like to battle each other and see who is the strongest.

The game is going to close their test beta and open the main server which located and started in the location in the Philippines and Asian part of the world. This game is good but they have to test every area of the game to ensure everything run smooth. In the first release of the beta the server is overloaded with players and congested due to played force to login. The beta will start with the prologue and creating you ideal character model. 

Due to beta only everything will be deleted.
Possible features in the game that you will encounter like the survival game play on mobile system. In this part you will given certain weapon to survive and this part is all uncommon.  The other features would the world of prehistoric animals like the dinosaurs and also the weird environment that will capture your attention.  One great features in the game is the building of community, its mechanism is to bring together your buddies and friend and create a fortresses to defend from animals and enemies like players.

You can also catch and tame dinosaurs and utilize them when it comes to gathering resources, this were the part where they capture the attention of every gamers. Making modern world mix to the prehistoric world. 

In other for your to survive you can craft item or upgrade item and there are many of them and it is very useful like creating tools for defense, enhancing equipment for you weapon and making structure more strong to with stand the attack. 

Do you want to play this game in Android  you can always to this link Durango: Wild Lands

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