Gorogoa Great Puzzle Game To Play

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So how you can tell a good puzzle game? An exceptional aesthetic and guide that link to the presentation with great mechanics as viewed in the review. An ideal puzzler can excel many different means, however Gorogoa has been great in all of those element, presenting a very challenging experience that provides fascinating and remarkable decent with great design.

When you play Gorogoa, it seems like you are in a fairytale, an adventure which commence with a teenage boy viewing a mysterious creature outside and begin a quest. It gives a simple story, along with folklore humor and mind blowing which makes the player and the teenager via doorways and windows in other realm. Base on observation, Gorogoa may look like to the gameplay of Framed, and though seem very close in comparison, Gorogoa’s concept are much more complicated.

You will be exposed in four panels, which divides your screen, which may filled with illustration. You may begin to drag on the border for an illustration, and most of the time you will drag away a layer into a new world, switching the panel’s context wholly. While the clock hands is ticking, on a table or a masterpiece art will become a garden design.

The story keeps you in constant exploitation and the context drench Gorogoa with a great gameplay for your to discover. Although the puzzles is not the great at all, and they are very straight forward, you can see how they put emphasis on the illustrations pattern and can be changed every time you shift into new decisions, finding new world in the game is always a gate way for fun.

Puzzle games mostly feature scene from its concept the puzzle, and Gorogoa will not frustrate you. The game feature fashion, progress hints  mixing and controlling items to make the boys adventure continue, but in Gorogoa, the items are perspective and great in context. In the beginning of the game, detailing the image of rooftop doorway over the boy standing in a drawer allowing him step among environments and onto the rooftop. If you are a fan of puzzle game then Gorogoa is for you. Use your mind for playing Gorogoa is the best thing you can enjoy the game.

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